Landscaping Clearwater FL

The most important aspect of keeping your landscape looking great is regular maintenance. For some, this is a difficult task, but it doesn’t need to be a bother with our help. CWT Landscaping¬†specializes in keeping your landscape’s natural brightness with the help of our well-trained team that provides quality maintenance and professional care for your lawns. We can also revitalize old landscapes with our landscape renovation and restoration services. You can rely on our lawn services Clearwater FL to satisfy your requirements.

Once you decide to hire us for your lawn service Clearwater needs, we will start by developing your landscape plan. You will sit down with us to discuss the complete details. We will give you the best options that fit your budget and the space available in your home. As soon as the project officially starts, color coordination and fragrance will be considered to ensure your landscape not just looks stunning but smells great, too. We also note the year-round weather to identify the proper plant life species that will survive in your landscape and match its design scheme.

lawn service clearwater fl

We provide one of the most reasonably priced lawn care in Clearwater. Our services are supported by our Client Satisfaction Guarantee, this means the quality of our work is assured. You can be confident that every part of the project is functional and adequately done according to plan.

Give us a call and we can talk about your landscaping situation.

lawn service clearwater fl

Lawn Service Clearwater FL

If you are looking for an experienced, expert lawn care company with a dedication to delivering every customer’s requirements, you have arrived at the right spot. We provide to our clients only the best quality lawn services Clearwater FL and surrounding areas can have. Below is a summary of the lawn care services we provide.

Clearwater FL we offer:


If you want a beautiful and weed-free lawn, we are the team to call? Unlike a lot of our competitors, our fertilization service includes environmentally-friendly weed control.

Grub and Insect Control

Does your garden have grubs? Our professionals can effectively and safely eliminate them and other pests frequently lurking in gardens.


It helps to make sure that your lawn stays dense and thick, as well as making your lawn resistant to diseases. If it has become thin, we can make your property thick once again with overseeding.


Aerating your lawn is an excellent way to minimize thatch, ease up compacted dirt, and somewhat let better air, water, and nutrients reach the roots of your vegetation. The outcome? Healthier plants.

Soil Testing

Soil testing measures your soil's nutrient content, degrees of acidity, and your grass' organic material content. With the information gathered from this test, we can make timely and accurate recommendations.

CWT Landscaping is enthusiastic about providing clients with the best commercial and residential landscaping and lawn services in Clearwater and nearby areas. It is important to note that we built our business on referrals. Almost half of our clients come from referrals, which is an excellent testament to our work quality. Be part of our growing list of happy clients. Contact us now so we can plan your next lawn care service Clearwater FL.