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Mulching is a highly effective type of weed control, and it is among the most excellent remedies you can utilize to maintain the beauty of your landscape. It involves putting a level of substance around the plants. It is set higher than the soil in a flower bed or a shrubs line. Mulch could be inorganic or organic. Regardless of what you prefer, we can provide you with a mulch of different materials and colors. We suggest mulching the beds twice annually, once at the start of Fall and another when Spring begins.

There are many benefits to mulching. That is why this procedure should be a part of your lawn care program. For example, our Pinellas County mulch stops weeds from growing and reduces soil compaction during the wet season. Additionally, it promotes nourishment of the ground and allows managing the heat of the soil. Pinellas county mulch also helps save water as it retains dampness when watered and delivers more water to the plants’ roots. Lastly, it can help your property keep its attractive appearance, as it evens out your lawn. Allow our gardening specialists to transform your lawn’s flower beds with their expertise and equipment.

So how do we perform a mulch Clearwater FL installation? Our qualified staff will pull out and treat unwanted weeds in the gardens before we install the mulch. We can mulch your plant areas at any time of the year. The objective of mulching is to keep weed from taking over your garden and provide a polished look for your landscaped areas.

Mulch clearwater fl

We offer a variety of mulch options:

  • Hemlock Mulch: A beautiful high quality natural golden brown mulch that keeps its color all year-round.
  • Hardwood Mulch: A much affordable mulch with a charming natural brown color that can turn gray in about 2-3 months. It will require replacement yearly.

Give us a call and we can talk about your landscaping situation.

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Your home is your sanctuary, and to keep it that way, you have to make it attractive inside and out. The exterior of your property can be more beautiful with good landscaping services. A lush garden with well-laid plants improves curb appeal and makes a stunning first impression on your visitor or neighbors. For your lawn care and landscaping needs, hire the professionals at CWT Landscaping.

We at CWT Landscaping know that your time is valuable, so we are proud to offer our services to keep your exterior gorgeous throughout the year without the hassle for you. Our workers are professional, caring, dedicated, and knowledgeable, so they are the best people to work on your landscape. We strive to deliver our customers’ requirements right on our first attempt, exceeding expectations. Talk to us about how we can provide your landscaping Clearwater or Pinellas landscaping needs. We are always ready to help.

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We have experienced and dependable personnel devoted to producing quality work and keeping your home looking its best always! They have provided Clearwater and Pinellas landscaping services to satisfied clients in the area, and each time, we have met our customers’ deadlines and goals. We know you have many choices, but CWT Landscaping is the best one because we are concerned about your home. Our company ensures that your property will have that curb appeal that will make people stop and stare.